University of Texas at Austin

UT-Austin based Texas Institute for Drug and Diagnostic Discovery (TI-3D) is fully equipped and specialized for biochemical screening from low - to - high throughput and has offered screening services to UT-Austin researchers since 2008. TI-3D Automation and High throughput screening facility operates on a staff-assisted model and on a fee-based structure.  All the chemical and biochemical data are securely managed by the facility director in collaboration with Collaborative Drug Discovery (CDD) and TI-3D’s user police controls the users’ access to the data.

Small Molecule Screening

The TI-3D screening facility is equipped with three different types of liquid handlers and four detection systems to provide most flexible and economically efficient technologies to meet a variety of screening needs. The facility supports a 96, 384, or 1536-well assay format using homogeneous biochemical assay. End-point or kinetic measurements can be made with UV-Vis, fluorescence, time-resolved fluorescence, fluorescence polarization, luminescence, alpha screen, scintillation counting, and even low throughput circular dichroism based readouts.

Current throughput capability is >10,000 compounds per day. Hit chemicals identified from the primary screening will be cherry picked and confirmed by repeating the primary assay at two doses. Cherry picking will be limited to 0.3% of the number of compounds initially screened.

Data Analysis

Investigators who deposit their assay data into Program database will be given access to CDD for clustering compounds independently or Program chemo-informatics specialist can assist in preliminary SAR analysis. Users can access data for mining purpose after approval. Information obtained from screening will be kept confidential until released by the Program director and will be only accessible to those who have deposited their screening or chemical data.

Lead Optimization

Parallel synthesis equipment for the development of targeted libraries includes a CEM Explorer automated microwave synthesizer, a CEM Liberty peptide synthesizer, a Mettler-Toledo Miniblock parallel synthesis system and corresponding MiniMapper automated liquid handling unit, a DD-4 Genevac high volume centrifugal evaporator, a Teledyne-Isco multiplexing automated flash chromotagraphy unit and various prep and analytical HPLCs.


1 University Station
Austin, Texas 78712
Mail Code: A5300
Fax: (512) 471-9495

Dr. Eun Jeong Cho

Program Facility Director
(512) 471-5507

Dr. Kevin Dalby

Program Director
TxSACT Co-Director
(512) 471-9267

Dr. Ashwini Devkota

Research Scientist
(512) 232-3583

Claudia McClelland

Administrative Associate
(512) 471-4841


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