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Drug Combinations for Cancer Therapy: New Pathways to Discovery

March 19, 2012

BioScience Research Collaborative

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"Focusing on strategies for drug repurposing and development of novel drug combinations for cancer therapeutics" 

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Video Presentations

Functional Analysis of the Cancer Genome

— Giulio Draetta

Statistical Challenges in Drug Combination Studies

— J. Jack Lee, Professor of Biostatistics, MD Anderson Cancer Center

System Approaches and Algorithms for Discovery of Combinatorial Therapies

— Giovanni Paternostro, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Sanford Burnham Medical Research Institute

Systems and Chemical Biology Methods for Drug Repositioning and Optimization in Cancer

— Stephan Wong, Director, Center for Bioengineering and Informatics - The Methodist Hospital Research Institute

Advanced Models of Imaging-Based Drug Screening

May 13, 2013

BioScience Research Collaborative

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The conference will focus on screening approaches (academic and industrial) dependent upon advanced models linked to imaging, including variations on 3D and co-culture microscopy, high-end multiplexing, deep image data mining, and technology development. 

Invited Speakers Include:
David Andrews, Ph.D., University of Toronto, Canada
Geoffrey Bartholomeusz, Ph.D., M.D. Anderson ...

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Video Presentations

High-content screening in physiologically relevant contexts: co-cultured cells and whole organisms

— Anne E. Carpenter, Director Imaging Platform, Broad Institute of Harvard & MIT

Multi-parametric regression and active learning methods for image-based screening

— Peter Horvath,, Scientist, ETH Zurich

Functional genomic approach to investigate chromatin modifiers during the establishment of drug-tolerance

— Jean-Philipe Stephan, Scientist, Genentech

Application of High Throughput RNAi Screens for Target Identification Workshop

November 13, 2013

BioScience Research Collaborative

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One of the great challenges to developing new drugs for cancer treatment is to select therapeutic targets whose activity is critical to the survival of particular types of cancer cells. Much more challenging is the identification of those molecules, or more often, those networks of molecules, whose dysregulation plays a critical ...

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Video Presentations

Identification of novel targets by 2 vs 3-dimentional synthetic lethal screening in TNBC

— Naoto Ueno, Ph.D., Section Chief Translational Breast Cancer Research, MD Anderson Cancer Center

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New Frontiers in Therapeutic Agents: Successes in Drugging the Undruggable

April 16, 2014

BioScience Research Collaborative

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Significant advances in drugging difficult targets have been developed in academic and industrial research centers and have begun to be utilized in high-throughput screens towards validating efficacy and identifying functional phenotypes. The goal of our upcoming Symposium is to provide illustrations of novel classes of therapeutic agents that have been ...

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Video Presentations

Targeting on Epigenetic Readers in Cancer

— Jun Qi, Senior Research Scientist, Dana Farber Cancer Institute

Treating Cancer by Disrupting Protein-Protein Interactions

— Kurt Deshayes, Scientist, Genentech

Natural Products Driven Drug Discovery

— John MacMillan, Associate Professor Biochemistry, University of Texas Southwestern

Exploring macrocycles for drug discovery: novel lead series for challenging protein-protein interactions

— Nicholas Terrett, Chief Scientific Officer, Ensemble Pharmaceuticals

Building Better Science Agilent and You

— Sponsor: Agilent Technologies

Drug Candidate Assessment Package

— Sponsor: Eurofins Cerep-Panlabs

Microplate instrumentation and Software for HTS Drug Discovery

— Sponsor: BioTek Instruments, Inc.

A Label-free, Real-time Platform for Small Molecule Analysis and Screening

— Sponsor: Pall ForteBio

Biorepository Storage Solutions

— Sponsor: Greiner Bio-One

Tailored Portfolio for Drug Discovery

— Sponsor: Thermo Scientific

Epigenetic assays for drug discovery

— Sponsor: PerkinElmer

Recent Advances in the Devlopment of Combinatorial Therapies for Cancer

June 10, 2015

BioScience Research Collaborative

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Significant advances in cancer therapeutics have created new opportunities for the development of combinatorial therapies that optimize the therapeutic benefit to patients without an attendant increase in toxicity.  Presentations will include illustrations of successful pre-clinical and clinical strategies for the development of novel therapeutic combinations as well as a discussion ...

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Video Presentations

Keynote: "Immune Checkpoint Blockade in Cancer Therapy: New Insights, opportunities and prospects for a Cure"

— James Allison, Chair Immunology, MD Anderson Cancer Center